Pre-Con: Fuck cosplay
During Con: Fuck cosplay
Post-Con: I want to cosplay that.
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everyone around me is getting involved in relationships and i’m all like


More Price memes! We love you, you old, sexy, crazy man.

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Venomania being Venomania ;D

I wasn’t even going to bring this, but since some people I was staying with were cosplaying from Evillious on Sunday, I figured I’d give it one more go.

7 cons later, the duke of lust is still my favorite. For.. you know.. reasons.. >.>

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so most of you wont understand this but omg I am laughing too hard at this 


so most of you wont understand this but omg I am laughing too hard at this 


I played the bejeezus out of a Tales game? Preposterous.

Also, as President I am now adding a 7% tax on all Apple Gels.


I found a few photos from an article in… I believe it was Otomedia Vol. 3, August 2011. In it, they “interview” the Xillia characters over what they do during the summer and the answers are pretty great. So I thought I’d share my rough translations.

Q: What do you do when it’s hot out?

Jude’s Summer

For me, before I even realized it, I was in charge of all the meals. So of course, everyone wants something cold. And Alvin, he’ll purposefully be really clingy, saying “Juuuude, isn’t it hot out~?” Isn’t that kind of cruel? I don’t really mind preparing food, though. Usually, if anyone asks anything of me, I try to do what I can. Jeez!

Milla’s Summer

When it’s hot, usually I read books about humans and history. Recently, Leia and Elize said they wanted to go to the beach with me and made such a fuss until I agreed to go… oh yes, it was that time! Jude stealthily followed us after. If he wanted to come with us, he should have just said so. Humans can be so difficult to understand, sometimes. It would appear I still have much to learn.

Leia’s Summer

Back at home, I used to head out near the mountain and catch kabuto beetles that were thiiiiiis big! Oh, speaking of kabuto beetles, my childhood friend Jude… he’s a boy and yet he’s terrible with bugs. A long time ago, I put a buuuunch of kabuto beetles in his desk and he ended up crying…. huh? That could have been why he doesn’t like them? Yeah, I guess so~ …ah… yeah…. sorry, Jude.

Alvin’s Summer

Gotta be the beach. Open women and fun things to do when you’ve partnered up with one, right? If not that, I guess maybe leaning on Jude. If I do it enough, eventually he’ll sigh and make me something cold when we stop to rest, hehehe. But… when I do that, even if I’m just joking around, one glance from Rowen and I can’t take it. It’s like he sees right through me, and every time he looks I can feel the disapproval…

Elize’s Summer

I… stay in the basement. It’s dark, but it’s pleasantly cool, so it feels good? But… Leia said I should come play outside. Jude and Rowen asked me to play together too. I-it’s not that I don’t want to… but, being together with Milla is best, definitely! What about Alvin? Alvin’s… a liar, so I hate him.

Rowen’s Summer

If you are too careless, you could die, so you must possess great strength of spirit. Everyone, when you get to be my age, the heat of summer is suddenly… it can sometimes be a bit much. *cough*…… it’s okay to laugh there. However, even as summer threatens my life, all the women give me confidence, so I do not feel bad. But as far as I’m concerned, summer is detestable and I hate it.

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mothy ft GUMI

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she had a child that is all i care about god bless my baby ma

>cannot get the thought of ma preggers out of head


i literally dont care about anything except the journey of two mages

So I thought something

Hellish wasnt as dope as I hyped myself for but that’s okay cause muzzle of nemesis song is doooooooooope